Sophomore Class Making Plans


Tom Lam is a class sponsor for the sophomores

Written by Khoa Nguyen

The sophomore class is moving ahead significantly in the coming months. The Class of 2025 has chosen to incorporate their ideas into something practically everyone enjoys—food—to generate money for their prom. Following their planning meeting, they talked about entertaining concepts and activities, such as a competition for dumplings that they had come up with. Anyone who registers gets to participate in the competition, which consists of 2-3 rounds and challenges participants to consume 15-20 dumplings each time. The winner receives points for finishing first. They will ultimately be awarded the title of “Dumpling Champion” and perhaps a prize. Along with the enjoyable and delicious challenge, they will also be selling a wide variety of delectable snacks and drinks, like Vietnamese coffee, cakes, and much more, all of which will coincide with a day of exemptions, which happens somewhere in late September, with no dates are certain yet. What is certain, however, is how much fun the students will have at this fantastic event.