KHS-TV News/SRL Prepares For Last Broadcast

Following last week, KHS-TV News/SRL has continued filming and editing the last features of the year. Along with these last segments, the club’s members and sponsor have also taken time to go back and organize old segments and make the preparations to revamp the outdated ones for next year. Members plan to showcase these segments on the weekly announcements and the club’s official Instagram page.

Other than the new content they have prepared, members also did their weekly broadcast. For the last half of the week, the club’s sponsor Laura Negri was absent, so members performed the broadcast by themselves. Over the course of the year, the members have gotten used to becoming more independent, choosing to write the script and man the equipment  themselves and manage Friday Factoid on their own.

KHS-TV News/SRL has, despite the busy year, managed to maintain a fairly active club and members couldn’t be more pleased. For next year, they haven’t established any officer positions, but they do have lots of content planned! Amazing work this year guys! Can’t wait to see what kind of content you’ll put out next year!