STUCO Holds Last General Meeting

On Monday morning, Student Council’s current officers and EBs had their last morning. They discussed the meeting agenda for the following day and planned out their banquet more thoroughly.

On Tuesday, STUCO had its last ever meeting for the school year. After the EBs presented, the biggest punishment of the year started: Pie in the Face. Officers, Tony Nguyen and Jacqueline Tran, as well as EBs, Ryan Nguyen, Lilibeth Gonzales-Gomez, and Tobi Adenowo, were all pied. Mr. Garcia was also pied not one, but three times!

During the meeting, STUCO members also went outside to decorate the parking lots with Spring sayings and just overall nice messages for Teacher Appreciation Week. Also for the week, posters, goodie bags, purple out, and lunch were made/bought as a thank you for the teachers and everything they do for our school.

After school on Tuesday, Class Wars games and sign-ups were released. The sign-ups will end on May 11, but might be closed earlier if all spots are filled. STUCO is also helping the Class of ’23, ’24, and ’25 find vendors for the class wars t-shirt and bandanas.

This Friday will be STUCO’s banquet. The officers, EBs, and Mr. Garcia will be eating at SHABU at 5:00 PM. They will also be announcing the 2022-2023 officers at the end.

STUCO officers and EBs were pied in the face as punishment at the last general meeting of the school year!