Theatre Prepares for ‘The 39 Steps’

Written by Yanna Hinojos

Bright lights shone on the wooden flooring. The sound of sirens comes from above. Faint footsteps are heard from backstage, but only from the actors’ ears. It gets dark, and one light focuses on the person on center stage. The crowd whispers, and the show begins. 

Julie Ryan, head theatre director, is also the sponsor of Cadre Kerr. Which is performing The 39 Steps the upcoming two weeks. Company members have been working for three months to put on this performance for the Kerr community. 

“We try to make sure rehearsals are running smoothly,” Cadre Kerr president Yahaira Guevara said. “Since blocking is done, we are looking through it and changing the movements and rethinking what we already had in mind. We give suggestions to the actors that they could incorporate into their own acting method.”  

Throughout the years, Cadre has formed many leaders. Those leaders are now teaching others to be the same as them and lead Cadre themselves in the future. 

“As lead officer, I make sure there is a nice environment for rehearsals,” Guevara said. “I don’t want them to get stressed when the show date gets closer. Keeping them on track but keeping them calm and not stressed.” 

 Cadre Kerr has officers who run Cadre, alongside Julie Ryan and assistant director Jason Quach. 

“I bring the good and hype energy the actors need on stage. Actors need a lot of energy,” historian Huy Vo said. “My job is to bring that energy to allow them to give 110 percent.” 

Actors have a lot of commitment to this program and spend every day rehearsing to put on a performance for Kerr students and parents to enjoy.  

“The actors get around one to two breaks,” Guevara said. “We as directors, we know when we’re pushing them or get to their limit. 

After months of dedication, Cadre Kerr will be displaying The 39 Steps on five different show dates for people to see.  

“This show will be awesome because all the students working on it are awesome!” Ryan said. We chose a hysterical show to get people to laugh and get out of the negativity that COVID brought. Everyone needs to see how amazing this show is.