General Question: What animated character are you like?


Devin Dang

Written by Joseph Bloise

Everyone has seen an animated show they enjoy from time to time. Some people may like the show because of the quality or plot and others feel they can relate to the characters making the show more relatable. These are a few students who felt they could relate to a character from one of their favorite shows.

Chisom Ezeilo (9): “I would say Ferb from Phineas and FerbĀ because he doesn’t have to say much but he has a lot to say which is like me”


Taylor Williams (9): “Patrick Star, because I’m slow, I’m just slow.
Razan Mishref (9): “Spongebob, because of my laugh”
Devin Dang (9): “I think Squidward. I like to do art a lot and I’m always sad”