Senior 30: Ajay Nair


Written by Ajay Nair

When I first walked into the Journalism room during junior year, I didn’t know what to expect. I saw a bunch of comfy couches, and noticed that I was the only person in there. I didn’t know who was taking this class and wasn’t expecting anyone I know to be a part of newspaper. To my relief, a few people I knew really well entered—Yazan, Abey, and Nathan. Almost every day, we would banter, cracking jokes and teasing each other. I would end up laughing, sometimes to the point where tears start rolling down my cheeks. They were the three key people who made being part of the newspaper staff truly fun.


A few of the downsides about this class is when we have to break our hands to fold 800 issues in one period or making the intense deadlines. But although we were expected to meet many deadlines, we also goofed off quite often. Actually, we preferred to play around more, especially when Mrs. Negri wasn’t in the room. I remember this one time when Abey was playing around with the gerbils, Rue and Prim, casually petting them. Then out of nowhere Rue bit him! And he dropped Rue… back into the cage (luckily).


Ultimately, this class served as a place where I could relax and have fun because of the pleasant atmosphere. The staff, the backbreaking assignments, and the wonderful memories will stay with me for years to come. I’m going to miss everyone in the class and the fun times we had.