Senior 30: Hammad Arain

Written by Hammad Arain

The time that every student spends in high school is one of the most simultaneously stressful and rewarding experiences that they can ever face.

My experience started off during freshman year, where a friend passed me the second issue of the Kerronicle back in fall 2014. At first I disregarded it because I had to finish some procrastinated World Geography homework. However, as I flipped through every page, I gathered a decent amount of interesting information about the student body that I would’ve otherwise never obtained.

Kicking forward to about a year later, I managed to join the staff and started off as a writer, but slowly gained more interest on the technical aspects of creating the newspaper, which led me to take on the opportunity of becoming the design editor. Taking this position was one of the best ways that I could maintain a constant inflow of knowledge that’s outside of the usual academic subjects, as there’s always something new that you can do with software.

Furthermore, spending several years in the Kerronicle allowed us to interact with people from all walks of life. It has increased my appreciation for the unique backgrounds, diverse ethnicities, and diligent teachers that have remained in Kerr for many years.