Golden Opportunity: Golden Dim Sum offers great food to ring in New Year


Steamed Chicken Feet with Oyster Sauce

This dish is made up of steamed chicken feet covered in a sweet oyster sauce mix.. The skin, the only edible part of the actual feet, was nearly flavorless alone but the sauce was definitely the main attraction. It was sweet with a very light tang and a tad bit salty. This would probably be best enjoyed as just a dish used to add variety, not as the main attraction.

BBQ Pork Bun

This dish, a sweet bun filled with barbequed pork, was definitely a favorite. The bun was soft, on the inside and firm on the outside and just the right amount of light sweetness which complemented the saltier flavor of the meat and sauce inside. Each bite was a perfect balance of sweet and savory.

Deep Fried Taro Puff

No dim sum experience would be complete without this dish, a mashed taro root mix covered in deep-fried dough, and this one did not disappoint. The fried taro puffs were everything they were supposed to be and more. They were salty, crunchy, and fried to a perfectly golden-brown crisp on the outside while soft, savory, warm, and tender on the inside. The taro had a buttery-soft texture with bits of meat and mushrooms mixed in.

Pan Fried Turnip Cake

The turnip cake, a fried mixture of shredded radish and rice flour, is always a dim sum favorite and these were no exception. The savory flavor and soft texture of this dish was irresistible. The cakes served as a nice neutral-flavored medium between the other dishes.

Steamed Beef Rice Roll

Although this dish, a rice noodle roll wrapped around a beef mixture and steamed, was good, it did not quite stand out as much as the others. The meat inside was cooked well but not particularly flavorful and the outside contributed little to the taste of the roll. The portion size was on the larger side though, with eight pieces per order.

Egg Custard

Each tart was filled with soft, creamy-yet-firm filling enveloped by a crisp, browned crust. It had a lightly sweet taste that wasn’t overwhelming as custards can sometimes be. While this dessert wasn’t quite as delicious as the sort made at bakeries that specialize in these treats, it was still a great end to a great experience.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Golden Dim Sum offers an experience similar to many other dim sum restaurants and food with flavors not much different. What might make a customer want to return, though, is the comfort of the food, a type of sustenance that brings back old childhood memories and reminds (or introduces) diners of rich cultural tradition.