Anh Lu’s -30-

Anh-estly, I did not expect to have this much, and I definitely did not expect to learn this much. For whatever reason that possessed Jason to recruit me, I’m glad he did. It was a really unexpected journey. As a late bloomer, I felt like I was sometimes holding people back, but everyone took me in generously. Taking photos suddenly seem to have a different purpose, and I started learning about what to look for when I photograph, making sure I really capture enough of it to make it newsworthy.

JEA was probably the best trip I’ve taken in all of these high school years. Before JEA, Jeff just just someone that was in my old photos from freshman and sophomore year, and Durand was the guy I went to middle school with, and Sophie was just that really smart person, but being in Newspaper gave me a chance to learn about the wonderful people that makes up the staff. Martinez always makes her laugh with her antics, Julie always comes up with the funniest jokes for News Flush, and Amy is hilarious with her silent but deadly demeanor. Above all the fun, I know that we have a purpose in the school, and we all work hard for it, in our own ways. I’m Anh-nored to have learned from all of you, and I’m happy to say that I love the staff as much as I love the job, and I the Kerronicle lives Anh!