Tracey’s 30

It’s finally time to write my 30. This means that the day I graduate is inching closer and closer. I don’t know whether I should be happy or sad that I’m about to leave Kerr and the newspaper staff. Either way, I won’t miss Newspaper at all. Just kidding! I will, a lot.

When I first joined News in junior year, I felt uncomfortable. The story meetings, the assignments, and people all made me uncomfortable. When I think back, I wonder why I was uncomfortable when most of these people are very friendly. Maybe I just got used to the environment over time or I learned that some people weren’t as scary as I thought they would be.

Although I joined late, I’ll remember the times in the journalism vividly when I graduate. The working, gossiping, blaming, laughing, procrastinating, arguing, joking, trolling, and endless eating are all part of the memories.

The random parties were my favorite. My favorite will always be the chips and dip that Rebecca and Ms.Negri makes. So goooooooood! I need to learn how to make it. The different types of food that are brought to the parties are always interesting. I definitely believe the staff bonded closer than ever whenever there was food around. No shame though because food is good.

This year, news grew closer like a family. The switching of the seats and silent thinking was definitely a big part of it. The silent thinking was a lot more efficient because people were more willing to express their ideas as they read off what they wrote. The switching of the seats everyday worked because people weren’t always stuck with the same people. Although, the switching didn’t last very long, it had a lasting effect.

The people I met in news were people who I never thought I would talk to. News has opened many unexpected opportunities for me. News is what I look forward to everyday and I’m glad I start off my day with this class. I don’t ever regret I chose to join Newspaper back in junior year. It was one of the best choices I have made in my whole four years in high school.

For those contemplating whether to join News or not, know that News is not just a class you drag your feet to. It’s a fun-filled class that will make you want to stay in the room the whole day.