Phat’s 30s

I have never been good at talking or put feelings into words, that’s why I put them into vectors and other graphics I design. Also because of the fact that I suck at punctuation and grammar, seriously are you reading this and finding a bunch of mistakes right now? If not it’s because I got the best editors on the south coast of these 50 states.

This whole high school career has been a journey about where I should go or what I should do. I took Newspaper more as a nice hobby, even though it felt like home to me every time I step inside room 302. My first year on staff, made me very interested in journalism. The seniors that year had so much color. I always looked up to them every time they just hang around with their lettermen. They always kept everything so fun that it never felt like I was doing work. I always wonder how they made award-winning newspapers while keeping everything so fun. It was the first time I was ever apart of something that was both accomplishing and fun.

That year I worked hard to try and get my letterman the following year, which I did. After the Class of 2011 left the following year I felt like I was more in charge as we had to make up for all the laughs and skill we lost the pass year. Although junior year was a very hard year for me I still felt like the journalism room was home sweet home.

So far this year has been the craziest year I ever had. Flashing back there has been a lot of things that have changed but at the same time there are things that remind the same which I use when I flash back to my first and second year of Newspaper. It never crossed my mind that one day I would be writing this, or that I would eventually become a senior.

It isn’t only Newspaper, but our sister organization, Yearbook also played an important role during my high school career. I would still wonder to this day if there yearbook process is any similar to our newspaper process. We did have some great times together with all the parties, Negri appreciation days, and events that we attended together. My most memorable experience with yearbook was the banquet during my sophomore year. It was the best time that I could remember newspaper and yearbook coming together to enjoy such an awesome event. The years following stated getting stressed out since majorities of the staff are from the class of 2013 and we were going into junior and senior year.

We also wouldn’t have such successful years with Ms. Negri. She taught me everything I knew about graphics and vectors. From there, I kept making graphics and finding my own ways and shortcuts for creating computer images. I also appreciate all those times when she let me and the other publication members eat in the journalism room during lunch and off campus.

The most important thing from my years on staff that made this all possible was people like you. Newspaper wouldn’t be a newspaper without people viewing, giving feedback, and buying our many advertisement spaces. Thanks for always checking out our stuff so we so we could be doing what helped us defined our high school career.