Kerr crowns its 2012 Homecoming King and Queen

Queen Crowned: Senior Julie Ho walks to her sister, and alumna Jessie Ho, to be crowned 2012 homecoming queen. Last year, Jessie was crowned homecoming queen, while Erick Thai as homecoming king. “What made it more special was that I won with my boyfriend [Matthew Huynh] and got crowned by my own sister,” Julie said.
Matthew Huynh and Julie Ho have been crowned as Homecoming King and Queen.

The announcement was made November 3, at the end of the “Beyond the Sea” dance sponsored by Student Council. The homecoming court included seniors Travis Dinh, Alan Lam, Anne Ngo, Amanda Vo and Beverly Umeh, and junior Jamarcus Lacy.

Students were asked to nominate their peers for King and Queen, and the top nominees were placed on the ballot.

Ho was surprised but glad with the results.

“I didn’t think I would win, I was running against people who had a lot of friends and were also well known,” Ho said. “Before I won, I was told I would win and there was nothing to worry about but I kept believing I wasn’t going to. When I actually won I was so happy!”

Huynh felt the same, glad to have been nominated with the court.

“It feels nice to win Homecoming King,” Huynh said. “Travis, Alan, and Jamarcus are really great people and I feel honored to have been nominated with them.”