Anxiously waiting for a response

Making bad decisions while going through high school can make taking the next step very hard, which is something I’m finding out as I start applying for college. The process of applying for colleges can be hectic. First you have choose a major that you will enjoy doing; secondly you have to choose a college that is the best for your intended choice.

 At one point I thought that going to a college my friends had decided to attend would be okay, but then I realized that that school did not fit my major in communication and minor in Journalism. Realizing this made me feel a little down because my plans had been disassembled. Now I had to start over looking for a college that fit my needs. That’s the point where it became a little difficult because I began to get discouraged because the schools I felt were out of my reach. Reflecting on the poor averages and test scores I had made put me in even more of a rut.

 I decided that it would be good for me to either attend a university in either Texas or Louisiana where I would be closer to family. I applied to schools such as Louisiana State University and University of Houston. On the Apply Texas website I set up my account and began applying. Some of the questions I had to think about, but mostly it was simple and all I needed was my usual information which put me a little at ease.

 Weeks after I’d applied, anxiously playing with my hands; I went to the office of Mrs. Barrett, our counselor’s assistant and hardworking college advisor, to see how long it would take for me to get a response from colleges like University of Houston and Louisiana State University. She assured me that I only have a little time to wait for answer from UH, but she had no idea how long it would take LSU.

 After I applied I thought that it would be okay and I would feel relief, but waiting has definitely been the worst part. I’m not even sure if I’ve been accepted and it is killing me because I want to know.

Even though it can be stressful going through this process, you should take time to see that you are beginning your journey into adulthood.