Staff Editorial: Too much PDA

Turning the corner, you see a couple engaged in a make-out session. It’s shocking, and you don’t know whether to stare or look away, ashamed. Regardless, the image of what you’ve just seen is etched into your mind.

It’s something we’ve all experienced. When we go to a public place with friends or family, the last thing we want is to be visually assaulted with couples showing affection for each other in rather inappropriate ways. It’s even worse when this takes place at school. What should be a haven safe from sexual pressure is instead a hive of rampant hormones.

People, especially young couples, should be able to show their emotions through their body language, but it is going too far when their bodies are inseparable. It should be their bond that is strong, not the physical intimacy aspect of the relationship. We get that we’re teenagers, and experimenting is encoded into our DNA, but there’s a time and place to do these things, and that place is definitely not school.

It’s not that we’re averse to all forms of affection. We’d just prefer people show it in more innocent ways, such as holding hands, hugging, and simple pecking on the cheek. We find these actions acceptable, even cute. A boyfriend walking his girlfriend to class and holding her hand is completely fine. A girlfriend giving her boyfriend a peck after play-fighting is adorable.

We’re not prudes, however. We just urge couples to be aware of how uncomfortable their actions make others feel, and find more suitable ways to show their affection for each other.