Top Five Overplayed & Unheard Music

Some music gets more attention than it deserves, while some underdogs produce quality that is rarely appreciated.

Top Overrated – the “Ahh, make it stop” section.

#5: Nicki Minaj is known for her rapid-fire rapping, eccentric outfits comparable to Lady Gaga, and her “boom, badoom, boom, boom, badoom, boom, bass,” but sometimes that repetition can be annoying if played every time I turn on the radio.

#4: Released in 2011, “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen was the anthem of this summer. “Call Me Maybe” is overplayed to the point that I think anyone can identify the song by listening to the first few seconds. I certainly have.

#3: He started his career through YouTube under the name “kidrauhl” and was signed by Usher at a young age.  Justin Bieber is the guy who raps “If I was your boyfriend, I’ll never let you go” in his single “Boyfriend.” Bieber is overrated because not only is his music everywhere but he himself is as well. There are Justin Biebers cutouts, posters, and even toothbrushes.

#2: This UK five-member boy band has invaded America’s radios. With their stylish hair and skin-tight clothing, One Direction is wooing girls by telling them “that’s what makes you beautiful.” Thanks, but no thanks, One Direction. I don’t need to be told 11 times in three minutes.

#1: “Oppan Gangnam Style” – need I say more? Released by K-POP star Psy “Gangnam Style” has received over 100,000 parodies and covers. Korean music, for the first time, is now mainstream.

Top Underrated – the “Who are they? Do they really exist?” section.

#5: “Sleepyhead” may not be for sleepy heads. Mixing electropop and synths, Passion Pit creates warped, artificial magic and modern, indie sounds.

#4:  Age 13 makes a teenager, age 16 can “go on 17”, but “Eighteen Cool” can raise self-esteem and awesomeness. Starting out his career by posting free mixtapes on the internet, independent rapper Hoodie Allen is still unheard by the radio and most people. His spitting style is cool, lighthearted with a few snippets of hip-hop.

#3: People might not follow this Swedish indie-pop singer-songwriter, but she’ll “follow you.” With songs like “Little Bit,” famously sampled by Drake, and “I Follow Rivers,” Lykke Li continues to blend soul, electro, and pop into her music.

#2: This English alternative rock band is known for their use of pianos instead of guitars as their lead. Covered by Glee, “Somewhere Only We Know,” is Keane’s most famous song.

#1: Nowadays on the radio, dance or electronica songs are all the rave. Pop songs would have a random dubstep break or a rapping segment. Rap songs would have random outbursts of their record label or the rapper themselves. Old school R&B, around 2000-2007, was a prominent time for rhythm and blues – a genre packed with powerhouse vocals, smooth jazz, and an overall urbane feeling. This was a time for Ne-Yo, Usher, Keri Hilson, Alicia Keys, Mario, and many others to shine. Now, however, R&B is swept under the bed, joining the ranks of underrated music.