Aja’s 30

I really didn’t know how to start this off because one, I’m not that good at saying good-bye, and two, I don’t want to come to point of realizing that I am actually graduating and that my time in high school is limited. During my sophomore year, when I first came to Kerr, I hated it, but I really don’t want to get into detail of my reasons or else it would take up the entire page. But I will say this: being in newspaper was pretty much the highlight of my high school career. If I could, I would seriously stay in the Journalism room, until, of course, the dismissal bell rings.

I think this is the point where I start calling out everyone on the Kerronicle staff and start saying all these nice things about them, but I’m a bit too lazy to be doing that…Sorry! So, I’m just going to be general.

To Kerronicle staff – It was fun to work on the newspaper with you guys. I’m not g0ing to lie, with all the stuff we been through with these last couple of issues, I’m grateful for the things we been through as a staff. Plus, you guys are funny. Sometimes in an annoying way, but still funny. I know some of ya’ll are probably still learning a couple of things, but I have faith in your skills to make an awesome paper.

To Mrs. Negri – You don’t know how grateful I am to be joining staff. You seriously don’t know. If I didnt have newspaper as apart of my schedule, I probably wouldn’t even come to school. You are an awesome person who helped me realize how much I love Journalism and photography.

Words can’t describe how happy I will be when I leave this school, but I’ll be sad at the fact that I’ll be leaving Kerronicle. Keep up the good work guys!