Five Guys takes the beef

The next time you start craving  a burger and French fries from the usual fast-food places, eat Five Guys. Not actual guys, but the Five Guys’ burger joint located on 13346  Briar Forest Drive.

The restaurant’s decoration is  nothing special. The colors red and white are splashed across the restaurant in a way that almost replicates the setting of a classical diner place/burger joint; even the web page design is dipped in red and white. Posters with ratings and reviews of how tasty the burgers, fries, and hotdogs are decorate the restaurant’s walls to reassure diners that Five Guy’s food is a good investment.

Despite the limited option in the Five Guy’s menu, which only consist of burgers, hotdogs, French fries, and non-meat alternative sandwiches, this burger restaurant makes it up in the quality of its food. The menu can be found here.

In fact, the fries are so delicious that they deserve their own paragraph. Aside from being made from real potatoes (compared to fast food chains’ frozen spuds) and with cholesterol free peanut oil, the Cajun Fries come with a unique twist. As if the name isn’t already obvious, these fiery fries are guaranteed to leave a stinging sensation with its tangy taste. The uniqueness of these fries comes from the Cajun seasoning. It’s not any regular, purchasable, or replicable Cajun powder (trust me, I’ve tried to recreate it several times and failed) but rather a homemade batch that distinguishes itself above any other fries I’ve ever had — even the extremely enchanting ones at Wingstop.

As for the main entrée, the appealing all-real beef hamburger, lettuce say that Five Guys are too far ahead of the race for the competition to ketchup. Five Guys’ burger comes in two sizes suitable for any hungry belly. The original burger contains two whopping beef patties for any rumbling stomachs; the Little Burger, which only has one patty, is perfect for those with a small appetite.

No good burger is complete if diners can’t relish it and have it their way with unlimited toppings, something that Five Guys offers for free. Coupled with the Cajun fries, Five Guys’ burgers are truly a happy meal.

For all the vegetarians out there, you’re not in a pickle because Five Guys also offers veggie and grilled cheese burgers.

Five Guys deserved a 7.5/10 rating because although their menu lacked variety and the restaurant is just another average burger joint, Five Guys makes their food with real ingredients and cuts no corners.