Talent Show: Audition results revealed

Seniors To Uyen V. Kayla M, Lilian D. and Anh P. practices for the Talent Show. They practiced after school dancing to Korean pop music.

 Before the talent show auditions, many individuals and groups of students practiced afterschool to prepare for the judging. Dancing, playing instruments, and singing were involved as auditioners practiced. Through their hard work, these are the people that got in.

Joseph D. and Brillant T. (Dancing)

Sheryl C. and Alan H. (Singing)

Jonathan V. and Nga N. (Duet Performance)

Jun T. (Singing)

Kevin C. , Brillant T., Carlos C. , Alex N.  (“Most Talented” Medley)

Tuka , Brenda, Candice, Wallace, Joy (Dancing)

Sammy and Jon (Dancing)

Sadiqa and Cindy (Singing)

Melvin, Justin, Clifford, Simon (Singing)

Kayla M., ToUyen N., Nita T., Anh P. (Dance)

Debrah and Paul (Singing)

C.O.C (Dance)

Flaviu C., Austin W., Jesse A. (Rap)

Emarchele  D.(Singing)

Trung, Nam, Brillant T., Simon, Andy (Singing)

Edgar, Abraham, Jose, Kimberly (Singing)

Brenda and Sara (Singing)

Natalie S. , Tiffany T., Stephanie, Nina, Linh (Singing)

Jeri A. and Trung (Singing)

Flaviu D.(Live Music Production)