Course Selections: now going digital

Before, students selected their courses by paper, and had to go individually to the counselor’s office in an attempt to change their course selections. Now starting this spring semester, course selection will now be done online.

This will allow automatic input of course selections from students instead of the counselors individually inputting courses from paper.

“It will be easier for the counselors now,” Principal Greg Freeman said. “Before they had to spend hours inputting the courses by themselves, now the students can do it online themselves.”

Starting next week, juniors will head to the computer lab and will be directed on how to select courses online, followed by sophomores and then freshmen.

Students will now be able to change their courses by themselves online instead of having to go to the counselor’s office. However, there is a certain amount of time a student has to change their courses online and if missed, the student must go to the counselor to change it.

However, it is not just the convince of selecting courses online that is favorable, it is also the fact that it’s also better for the environment. Selecting courses online will help reduce the usage of paper being used.

Also, now students don’t have to worry about losing their course selection sheet or ruining it because everything is saved on to the computer. Even if one does not have a computer or internet at home, compter and internet access is always available at school.

“It’s easier for people because a lot of people have internet access,” said junior Yao L., “and you don’t have to worry about your paper getting lost.”