College Week Live presents Test Prep Day

College Week Live is hosting a Test Prep Day on Thursday, February 9 from 11am – 9pm.

You’ll get to view video presentations from testing prep experts, develop test taking strategies, learn SAT and ACT tips and tricks, plus have a chance to win a $1,000 scholarship.

Register at College Week Live.


Preparing for the ACT – 11am
ACT College Admissions Test – 12pm
ACT Overview and ACT English- 1pm
Going it Alone: Math SAT Prep – 2pm
Time Management Strategy and Anxiety Free Test Taking with TPNY- 3pm
Conquering the ACT Math and Science – 3pm
Perfect 2400 SAT Essay Secrets – 4pm
Thinking your way to Great SAT/ACT Scores – 5pm
Scores, Registration, and Anxiety: Answering the Most Popular SAT, ACT, and TOEFL Questions – 6pm
SAT Tips and Tricks –  7pm