Cadre Kerr to host general meeting and mandatory ‘Moon Over Buffalo’ strike

Cadre Kerr is having a mandatory strike for “Moon Over Buffalo” for all cast and crew on January 30.

In addition, Cadre Kerr will also be holding a general meeting to discuss current and upcoming events such as Sweets For Your Sweetie, MD Anderson, and season T-shirt sales.

Sweets For Your Sweetie has begun and will end on February 10. Each bag costs $1 and comes with candy, mini stickers and temporary tattoos, as well a Valentine-themed pencil, coming together to form a heart shaped lollipop.

Students will be given one point for every four bags of candy that they bring in and half a point for every 30 pencils they bring in. Every three bags sold equals one point.

Cadre Kerr will also be volunteering at MD Anderson on February 17 from 5 pm to 8 pm. They are currently accepting sign-ups, however, there is a limited amount of space and slots fill up fast. Rehearsals for volunteering will be after school on the day of MD Anderson.

Finally, Cadre Kerr is also currently selling season T-shirts (Season of Blood, Love, and Deception) for $15 for standard shirts and $18 for custom shirts.

Students in first period Theatre class help strike the set for "Moon Over Buffalo".