Be prepared before taking the SAT

Here is a checklist for those who will be taking the SAT soon from The College Board ( It will provide a guide on what to do before the test date, on the test date, going to the testing center, and during the test.

 Before SAT test day:

  •  Two No. 2 pencils and an eraser
  •  SAT Admission Ticket and a photo ID.
  • Fully charged and working calculator
  • Portable watch
  • A small snack for break
  • Sleep early the night before test day
  • Well balanced breakfast in the morning

Leave your cell phone at home. (Having your phone ring during testing could risk your test scores. If you’re seen with a cell phone or any other prohibited electronic devices during testing, you may leave and your scores could get cancelled.)

Going to testing center:

  • In bad weather, check if testing center is open.
  • Leave your house early.
  • Arrange ride home in advance.
  • Go to center specified on admission ticket.

Taking the test:

  • Use a No.2 pencil. (Fill in the answer circle darkly and completely.)
  • Use the breaks to eat the snacks and drink that you’ve brought.
  • Most importantly, pace yourself.