New teachers join staff

One of the new teachers, Cynthia King started teaching orchestra at Kerr after working 22 years as an educator.

Charlotte Ellzey 

  • Currently teaches Algebra I, Algebra II, and MMA (Mathematical Modeling with Applications).
  • Thinks Kerr will be a wonderful experience and that the students are respectful and ready to learn.
  • Teaches mainly through working with students individually.
  • Previously taught at Hastings High School for 12  years, and definitely sees the difference in the students, saying that “the kids are motivated about learning here at Kerr.”
  • Likes: Playing bridge on her computer, eating Mexican food and pizza, and spending time with her children.

Cynthia King

  • Teaches Orchestra 
  • No previous experience as  a high school teacher, but taught fifth through eighth grade.
  • Came to Kerr for the opportunity to work with wind and percussion players.
  • Likes to do self-evaluation on hers students and peer tutor them.
  • Her first year at Kerr will mark her 22nd year as an educator.
  • Likes: Spending time with her pets (three dogs, three cats, and seven birds), reading, playing croquet, knitting, hiking, swimming, and ballroom dancing.