Alumni profiles

Isaac Bancroft

After his sophomore year, Isaac Bancroft left Kerr in 2011 for the Texas Academy of Math and Science (TAMS) program at the University of North Texas, a special dual-credit program where he earns both high school and college credit while living on a college campus.  “I’m taking a lot of math, a lot of science, biochem, Cal, then English, geology, political science,” he said. As a college student, he’s learned that “it’s all about learning to manage your time…In college a lot of professors will not be nearly as lenient as far as due dates go…so learning that is a great way to prepare.” Because he now lives on the UNT campus, he says, “I’m a lot more independent.  I do everything that normally, you know, your parents might do as far as like grocery shopping or things like that.”

Bancroft will graduate from TAMS in 2014.

Bianca See

Bianca See graduated from Kerr in 2009 and is now a junior at the University of Texas at Tyler. College, she says, “was kind of a cultural shock…It was just a lot different than the high school experience that I’ve had because we are a lot more diverse here.” See advises students to learn time management but adds that “learning how to not get hit in the hallways” is also a useful skill. Returning to Kerr for career day, she says that her sharpest memories are of “my band and orchestra experience. Lots of family there in band and orchestra.”

See is majoring in journalism, with a minor in international relations. She is also pursuing a teaching certification.

Angelo Gonzalez

Angelo Gonzalez graduated from Kerr in 2000 and from Houston Baptist University in 2008. Now a pastor at a church and a marketing director for a Sugar Land business, he says that his high school choice prepared him for college and career because of “this idea that you are responsible enough, that you’re old enough to be able to do your own work, that you are old enough to do what you can…They kinda pushed that on us here and it did help a lot.” In college, Gonzalez took classes in business and theology, majoring in Christianity and biblical languages. “My life goal was to be doing ministry so that’s kinda where my heart was,” he said.

Having achieved his life goal, he advises students to exercise responsibility: “They give you so much more freedom but there’s so much more on the line that it’s not worth throwing it all away for you to skip class and everything.”