Students in science prepare for exams

Caleb A.
Finishing a make-up project: Caleb A. is working on a make-up project for Biology. "This project can help me raise my grade," said Caleb. Photo By: Hadiqa Memon
Science students took advantage of revised scheduling this year to improve grades and study for finals last week.
All science PAKs have been rewritten to give students about a week at the end of the term to catch up, retest, submit missing work and study in class before their exams.
Science teachers implemented the revised schedule after seeing a need for extra time to prepare for finals.
Preparing for exams: Kelly D. and Linh D. are working on science workbooks. "We're preparing for TAKS and in a way for our Chemistry final," said Linh. Photo By: Hadiqa Memon
Retaking Tests: Kim L. gets ready to make some tests in order to raise her grade. “I’m making up my test to raise my grades. I felt that I didn’t do well on the previous test,” said Kim. Photo By:Hadiqa Memon