General Question: What are your college plans?

“I want to go to Rice University and major in bio-medical engineering because I want to find a way to end world hunger.”  — Shundar A. , 11


 “My college plans are to go to Rice University to major in the medical field. Then, go to medical school to be a  surgeon like my dad.” — Rabeet A. , 9


“I would like to stay in Houston so my mom can pay for it. I want to major in Bio-Engineering. I want to go to University of Houston first then transfer to Rice, hopefully. I might apply for Houston Baptist University because of family history. — Mohit A. , 10

“I want to go to University of Houston then transfer to Rice after two years of basics. I want to major in Statistics and math because I want to be a statistician. I really like math and enjoy it.–  Cristian M. , 11

“I want to be a lawyer. I’ll probably be majoring in psycology because I really  want to get to know people’s behavior and try to understand why people do what they do.” — Cameron C. , 12

”  I still don’t know what colleges I want to attend. I’m thinking about doing something with psychiatry or neuro-scientist because there’s something about the mind that  fascinates me. ” — Alyssa M. , 10

Compiled by Julia N. and Tracey L.