Spanish III performs for Final Project


Junior Maheen F. is creating her group’s prop for the skit, gluing paper flowers onto blue butcher paper. “We’ve been working on them since Monday.” Farooqui said. “I’m not sure what to expect [about the skit] because I think most of us have stage fright but hopefully we will get through it.” Photo by Aja B.

Spanish III performed a skit on Monday, January 9, to apply their knowledge of what they learned throughout the course.

“I expect everything to be covered. There is a checklist and I expect everybody to participate, ” Spanish III teacher Maness-Richards said. “When we first started this project the students would do their own thing and so we decided to give them a checklist.”

Groups began to brainstorm for ideas the week before Winter Break. 

 “I hope we can, if we mess up, keep on going and make it to a funny moment,” junior Rachel M. said.  

Maness-Richards hopes that this year’s skits cover the chapters more in depth. “We had some [groups] that did very well but other groups focused too much on their props and not on their content.” she said.