Senior favorites announced

Results for senior favorites are in! Senior favorites is when the current senior class has various categories, such as Most Handsome Guy, Most Humorous girl, etc., in which the senior class will vote for who they believe is most fitted for the category. Below shows the results:


Mr. Kerr: Erick Thai

Miss Kerr: Helen Tang

Most Handsome Guy: Luis Rodriguez

Most Beautiful Girl: Jocelyn Hernandez

Most Humorous Guy: Kevin (Ip)Chu

Most Humorous Girl: Nadia Oulahna

Best Dressed Guy: Brilliant Ton

Best Dressed Girl: Sheryl Castilan

Most Outgoing Guy: Ayman Bakhit

Most Outgoing Girl: Jessie Ho

Most Athletic Guy: Arsene Ishimwe

Most Athletic Girl: Sheilat Akapo

Most Talented Guy: Alexander Nguyen

Most Talent Girl: Sadiqa Bramlette

Best Smile (Guy): Leroy Ekeh

Best Smile (Girl): Precious Merenu

Friendliest Guy: Jimmy Pham

Friendliest Girl: Eliana Ezzeddine

Guy I’d Most like to be Stranded on a Desert Island With: Dennis Chau

Girl I’d Most Like to be Stranded on a Desert Island With: Joanna Arias

Most Likely to become a Billionaire (Guy): Bao Trinh

Most Likely to become a Billionaire (Girl): Chelsea Freestone

Most Addicted to Technology (Guy): Ryan Vasquez

Most Addicted to Technology (Girl): Analiesa Salazar