New counselor a familiar face

Counselor Sara Tones

For students who attended Killough Middle School,  Kerr’s new counselor is a familiar face. They most likely remember Sara Tones as one of the counselors at Killough. For the past ten years, she’s been working in various Alief schools, connecting with and making her mark on the children there. Being an Alief teacher and counselor has given her much experience as an educator.

“I like to work with people,” she said. “You get to know people in a way that not everyone gets to.”

Tones became a counselor in 2006, but before that she was teaching English, reading, and theater at Killough. When asked if she would do anything besides working with children, she said “a chef, because I cook well and I like doing it.”

Tones takes her job very seriously. She says it is important for counselors to be kind and open-minded.

“You should be there for students personally and help them achieve their dreams and goals,” Tones said. “Everyone needs help to be themselves and a counselor job is to help them.”

Even though she has only ten years of experience in Alief, she offers great advice for students.

“Definitely volunteer at places where you have the opportunity to practice with kids to make sure that you know that you really want to do it,” she said. “Be sure to ask lots of questions and explore everything you possibly can.”

While the Killough class of 2007 may or may not know where they’re going when looking into the future, Tones is in the same boat because she can relate. “I don’t know [what I’ll be doing in the next ten years], but hopefully still working with kids.”