Raising money for Project Harbick

Senior Davis D. help StuCo raise money for Ms.Harbick's wheelchair.

Student Council members have organized “Project Harbick” to help counselor Julie Harbick get moving again.

Harbick is still recovering from a stroke suffered one year ago; she hopes to buy an electric wheelchair so that she can become mobile. STUCO executive board member Jessica V. is heading the effort to raise part of the $400-800 cost.

“We’re going to be raising [money] throughout all of October to get her a gift,” Jessica V. said. “Her birthday is October 31 so we’re going to try and get the wheelchair by then.”

Donations can be made at the front of the cafeteria during all lunches, where two red boxes labeled “Project Harbick” are set up.

“If they give more than one dollar than they will get a free drink at homecoming,” Jessica V. said.