Strutting Winter Fashion

With the holiday season right around the corner, students are beginning to wear their winter favorites.

“Winter fashion consists of wearing a warm, cozy sweater with nice boots,” freshman Sandra I. said.

To some students, scarves and beanies are considered this season’s must-haves.

“Scarves are my favorite winter fashion item,” senior Thu B. said. “I own many but I don’t wear them.”

But junior Yao L. believes

Photo 3
Senior Fey O. struts her stylish scarf. “Winter fashion involves boots, sweater, and jackets. Basically get bundled up so that anything cold can’t come in and anything warm stays," she said.

otherwise, saying that hats are the perfect thing to add to make any winter outfit stylish.

“In my opinion, the perfect accessory would be a nice beanie to keep your head warm and looking cool.”