VSA conducts Rice workshop

Sophomore Hanson L. reads college information in a folder he was given during the VSA Rice workshop.

The Rice Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) and Hope Initiative hosted a workshop at Rice University on October 22.

This event was the Ninth Annual College Leadership Workshop.

Students were put into groups from one to 10 and each group had leaders to answer any questions that participants had about Rice or just college in general. They also informed participants about any extra information that they thought would be helpful. Most importantly, college essay edits were offered at the workshop. Participants could bring their college essays and get them reviewed and edited.

Throughout the whole workshop, there were designated times for each group to attend a different workshop . There were application, essay, leadership, and financial aid workshops.

“I’m very happy that I went to this workshop because I learned a lot. It was very fun and informative,” sophomore Hanson L. said. “The people were extremely friendly, too.”