Stars make for a giddy Nicole

Nicole (right) has met Kevin, Nick and Joe Jonas twice. "They were really caring, giving and genuine people," she said.

A key thing to know about sophomore Nicole G. is that she’s obsessed with the Jonas Brothers. She’s a member of Team Jonas, an exclusive fan club for highly dedicated Jonas Brothers fans.

“My favorite Jonas has to be Nick,” Nicole said. “Wait… no, Joe!”

Although she may seem like an ordinary teenager to some, she lives quite an atypical life that revolves around social networking, celebrities, and dancing.

“When I go on the computer, I get on Twitter, Facebook, and other websites to check out all the news,” she said.

Being active on various social networks helps Gandy stay updated on her favorite things.

“I’m mostly online on Twitter because I learn a lot from it and they have contests that I participate in,” she said. “It’s definitely my favorite social network.”

Nicole’s enthusiasm for her favorite celebrities motivates her to find any way possible to meet them.

“I’ve met about 12 really famous celebrities,” Nicole said. “My favorite has to be Honor Society. They’re so down to earth and nice! I almost kissed them…but no.”

Although she’s only 15yearsold, Nicole has been to several concerts and shows and has met many people. In fact, she even has trouble keeping track of everyone.

“I actually made a note on Facebook so I could remember all of the shows I’ve been to and all of the people I’ve met,”  she said.

Even though Nicole has already met numerous celebrities, there are still a few people remaining on her wish list.

“I still want to meet Demi Lovato,” she said. “I like how she carries herself and all of the causes she represents.”

In addition to staying updated on news, being active on multiple social networks has helped Nicole earn prizes.

“I’ve won three things from Twitter so far: Supra shoes, The Buried Life t-shirt, and two VIP passes to a concert,” she said.

She is definitely planning to stay connected to her networks for as long as she can.

“The positive thing with being active on social networks is that I get to meet new people and stay updated on things easily,” she said, “but something negative is that you get addicted and you keep checking every fifteen minutes.”

Although Twitter occupies makes up a large part of her social life, Nicole is still able to find time to be a member of Alief Jazz Ballet Performance, the top company of the Alief Jazz Ballet.

“My favorite memory has to be the first show we did, the winter show in 2009,” she said. “All the adrenaline that builds up makes it really fun to get out there and perform in front of a large crowd.”

She is proud of her success with AJB and social networking, but there is one thing that she’d rather not be known for.

“It’s not fun when we don’t get the dance right, especially when I’m in the front,” she said. “It just makes it worse.”

Despite the negative situations she sometimes finds herself in, Nicole tries her best to remain optimistic.

“Life is too short and I try to make the best of it.”