College Week: The top five degrees that employers want

#1: Health Care Degree

More than one in four human resource professionals say health care is the best profession for job security. Some desirable degrees are: Physical Therapy, Pharmacy, and Medical Technician and the average starting pay for Nursing is $52, 178 and #35, 869 for Health and Related Sciences.

 #2: Business Administration Degree

A business degree is the most popular bachelor’s degree in the country, therefore, graduating with a business degree is in the second strongest position. Some desirable degrees are: Business, Business Administration, and Business Administration Support. The average starting pay for Business Administration is $44, 171.

#3: Computer Science Degree 

Computers play such a huge role in our economy, and so do graduates who study computer science, which makes this degree the third most valuable. Some desirable degrees are: Computer Science, Technology Support, and, Information Technology and Systems. The average starting pay for Computer Science is $61, 783 and $49, 318 for Information Technology and Systems.

#4: Accounting/ Finance Degree

Finance and accounting degrees can earn graduates fortunes as the economy progresses. “Historically, hiring on Wall Street has recovered before the rest of the economy,” Richard Lipstein, managing director at Boyden Global Executive Search, told the Philadelphia Inquirer. The average starting pay is $53, 43 for Economics, $50, 535 for Finance, and $49, 022 for Accounting.

#5: Engineering Degree

It may be surprising that engineering is ranked fifth, but nevertheless, according to a survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, eight of the top 10 best-paid majors are in engineering. Some desirable degrees are: Biomedical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electric Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Network Engineering and Administration, and, Programming and Software Engineering. The average starting pay is $90, 000 for Petroleum Engineering, $59, 298 for Computer Engineering, and $60, 598 for Mechanical Engineering.