Speech and Debate claims first place sweepstakes

Individual trophies aligned left and right while the first place sweepstakes trophy stands in the middle

Kerr’s Speech and Debate team participated in the South Houston tournament  on October 7 to October 8. Overall, the team  earned 1st place in sweepstakes.  The results are as following:

First place awards went to: Ayman B. in Humorous Interpretation; Cameron C. in Foreign  Extemporaneous Speaking; Emily N. in Novice Lincoln Douglas Debate.

Second place  awards went to: Cameron C. in Varsity CX Debate; Tiffany T. in Varsity CX Debate; Princess A. in Varsity Lincoln Douglas Debate; Alex V. in Duet Acting; Tam T. in Duet Acting; Jun T. in Novice Prose and Public Forum Debate; Kyndhal S. in Public Forum; Julie N. in Novice Poetry.

Third place awards went to: Tam T. and Alex V. in  Duo Interpretation

Fourth place awards went to: Mohit A. in Varsity Student Congress; Tuong-Phi Le in Varsity Original Oratory, Kelly C. in Duet Acting; Alex V. in Varsity Prose; Rokaya M. in Novice Poetry; Cristian M. in Duet Acting and Varsity Poetry.

Fifth place award went to: Kyndhal S. in Novice Poetry

Sixth place awards went to: Mohit A.  in Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking; Tam T. in Humorous Interpretation.

Eighth place award went to: Jamarcus L. for Varsity Student Congress


( Photo  by Kevin Nugyen)