Hokkaido Sushi rolling in delicious options

Tasty sushi rolls at an affordable price, spiced with free miso and red bean soup, are layered together with a simple wooden decor and rolled into a homey restaurant.

Hokkaido, which sits squarely behind the Diho center in the heart of Chinatown, provides both a relaxing environment for customers who enjoy sharing carefree conversations over a plate or two of sushi  and quick service for those who like their sushi to-go.

As a novice when it comes to sushi, I sought the opinion of many sushi experts among my friends and all had recommended the Dragon Roll as, hands down, the tastiest roll at Hokkaido. Wasting no time on a recent visit, I immediately fished for Hokkaido’s Dragon Roll and the restaurant’s most  popular dish — Tempura roll. Luckily for me,  my experts’ appraisal was accurate. Centered with fried soft-shelled crab, wrapped into a roll with rice, layered with a thin, creamy slice of sushi and topped with a crispy strip of eel, Hokkaido’s Dragon Roll was definitely worth  the $9.95 I paid.

At less than $4, the Tempura Roll lived up to its worth.  This scrumptious steal is definitely “Maki-ng” my favorite sushi list.  A delicate sheet of seaweed covers a layer of rice, smelt roe (a bright orange fish-egg used as sushi garnish) and a crunchy piece of shrimp  that sits squarely at the center.  All novice sushi eaters who are not used to the taste of semi-cooked fish and eel should give the Tempura Roll a try because the mild taste of seaweed  blends well with the crusty taste of shrimp.

To wrap up, my experience at Hokkaido could be summed up as  inexpensive sushi and happy dining. I would recommend the sushi rolls above along with the Spider Roll, the Volcano Hawaiian and Crazy Spider Roll for those who like their sushi with a kick of fire.  

Located on 9108 Bellaire Boulevard, Hokkaido Sushi opens from Tuesday through Sunday from 9 AM to 3 PM and reopens at 5 PM. If you’re ever in Chinatown craving sushi,  dip into Hokkaido; it’s your best bet to a full stomach and wallet.

8.5 sushi rolls out of 10.