Smile ‘N’ Nod – and laugh

Cadre Kerr’s annual parody, “Smile ‘N’ Nod”, opened this afternoon to a packed house and torrents of laughter.

The play, a Kerr tradition, is written anew every year. Its purpose is to parody, ridicule, and exaggerate events that happened over the course of the school year.This year’s “Smile ‘N’ Nod” follows the (mis)adventures of three freshman girls trying to be popular at Kerr. They go about it all the wrong ways: flirting with and/or snubbing upperclassmen, dressing fashionably and running around in high heels. The play charts only one day in their lives, but that one day somehow manages to sum up a hundred-odd days of Kerr life, complete with hallway traffic and senioritis.

Overall, the play is hilarious, if a little tongue-in-cheek. Some caricatures of teachers were quite obvious, and some of the humor was just a cheap laugh. Most of the play, however, shines, especially the musical numbers, which include modified versions of “Friday” by Rebecca Black and “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga.

It’s not too late to watch “Smile ‘N’ Nod.” Tickets are still on sale at lunches and at the door for $2 each, and the play will be performed again on Friday after school. Thankfully, because the 2011 “Smile ‘N’ Nod” is a must-see.