Graduate Rosana Wan receives honors in college

Kerr graduate Rosana Wan has been chosen to receive two honors from her college history department at Suffolk University.

Wan, a member of Kerr’s Class of 2005, is set to graduate on May 22. She was recently awarded the Phi Alpha Theta Award from the National History Honors Society at Suffolk, and she has also been chosen to receive the newly-introduced John C. Cavanagh Prize. The award is designed to recognize inspiring students for their passion for history and scholarly inquiry.

“I gently decline this award,” Wan said in an email sent to Social Studies teacher Steve Levine. “It sounds unfair that if anyone loves history, then they can get such award. As for myself, I simply say that I love history.”

As a Kerr Student, Levine always saw the potential in her.

“The only words I can use to describe her personality are driven, motivated, and determined to succeed,” Levine said. “Whatever she decides to do in her future, I’m sure she will be a great success.”