Cambiata earns sweepstakes at recent UIL competition

Once again Cambiata Orchestra has earned sweepstakes at its annual UIL competition.

Orchestra members attended UIL competition on April 13.

“I was surprised that we got sweepstakes this year,” sophomore Luan T. said, “because one judge gave us a low score on sight reading but luckily the other judges gave us high scores so our overall performance mangaged to stay top-notched.”

Overall, students said they were pleased with the results from the competition.

“Ranging from 1-4, 1 being the highest score and 4 the lowest, we gotten two 1s and a 2 for our performance,” fershman Laura V. said. “For sight reading, however, we managed to achieve two 1s but one crazy judge gave us a 3.”

The award itself was also a surprise.

” I expected the sweepstakes award to be a big golden trophy but… it turned out to be a little  plaque that’s not even gold or silver, it’s just bronze,”  sophomore Fahim H. said.