Newspaper and Yearbook take home awards from state convention


Some of the medals earned by Kerr journalism students.

Newspaper and yearbook staff members earned dozens of medals for Kerronicle and Safari at the Interscholastic Press Conference Spring Convention April 9 and 10.

Students earned Individual Achievement Awards for stories, photos, and designs from the 2010 and 2011 yearbooks and the 2011 newspaper.

Newspaper awards:

In Feature Story, Annie Pham placed second and Aja Bryant and Phi-Phi Le earned honorable mention. Pham also won second place in personal column, third place in-depth news/feature story and honorable mention in personal opinion column.

In News Feature Story, Joanna Arias won third place. Phil Pham placed third in Newswriting and Parbattee Maharaj and Annie Pham received honorable mention.

Alex Karr won third place and honorable mention in entertainment page design and honorable mention in editorial writing.

Sara Elmiaari took first place in news photo and third place in entertainment review. Jesus Escobar and Sara Elmiaari each earned honorable mention in entertainment feature. Anthony Phung earned honorable mention in in-depth news/feature story.

Gabriel Gutierrez, Annie Pham and Phil Pham shared third place honors in in-depth news/feature package, and Gutierrez, Phil Pham and Rao Khan took honorable mention in the same event. Gutierrez also placed third in computer art, third place in double-truck design and honorable mention in double-truck design.

Ayesha Malik place third in student art. Aja Bryant pace third in general news photo.  The staff won third place for captions.

Online newspaper awards:

Phat Pham place first in news writing, and Annie Pham received honorable mention. Anthony Phung placed first in news feature story, and Amy Tram earned honorable mention.

Aja Bryant won second place in feature writing. Annie Pham earned first place and honorable mention in entertainment review. Jason Nguyen placed third in entertainment feature and third in general news photo.

Sara Elmiaari won first place and second place in photo story and first place in captions. Parbattee Maharaj won first in personal opinion column and Annie Pham won second. Anthony Phung won second place in feature photo. The staff won first place in headlines.

2010 yearbook awards:

Andrea Nguyen won first place and Sheryl Castilian won third in club/organization feature story.

Afolabi Olatunji-Ojo, Andrea Nguyen, Zoya Agha and Marlene Sanchez together won honorable mention in general interest spread. Jessica Huynh, Uroosa Hussain and Anabella Gutierrez earned honorable mention in student life spread.

Sheryl Castilan and Andrea Nguyen each earned honorable mention in academic feature story. Anabella Gutierrez won honorable mention in academic photo. Zoya Agha won honorable mention for student life photo and for portrait photo. The staff won third place in headlines and honorable mention in theme selection and development.

Current yearbook awards:

Afolabi Olatunji-Ojo and Mehreen Basit together placed second in class spread. Sue Tecson, Jessica Huynh, Samantha Sbeiti, Mehreen Basit, Andrea Nguyen and Meera Norton together placed third in academic spread.

In student life spread, the team of Jessica Huynh, Karla Montiel, Aryan Baktash, Maithy Tran, Alejandro Arellano, Meera Norton, Stephy Ho, Sheryl Castilan, Marlene Sanchez and Zoya Agha earned honorable mention.

In sports spread, Huynh, Castilian, Christina Huynh, Sanchez and Norton earned honorable mention.

In club spread, Sanchez, Huynh, Baktash, Tran, Agha and Ayesha Malik earned honorable mention.