Getting a senior for a Good Price


Senior Danielle O. and Senior Ruth O. are being auctioned off a group. Photo by Aja Bryant

Senior Gabriela W. raises her hand to purchase a fellow senior and Senior Kelly W. looks on. Photo by Aja Bryant
Mr. Levine auctioning off senior Santos H. to the highest bidder. Photo by Aja B.
Senior Danielle O. and Senior Ruth O. are being auctioned off as a group. Photo by Aja Bryant

A fun and chaotic tradition that brings all of the grade levels together at Kerr, has been the Senior Auction. The class of 2011 Auction lasted for two days. This year the auction was held on Thursday March 10 and Friday March 11. The seniors’ names are put in a slide show in alphabetical order in order to get through the process faster.

Each senior that opted to participate in this year’s auction waited for their name to be called. Once their name was called they made their way to front of the cafeteria and stood in front of everyone. Mr. Levine the auctioneer announced that they would be starting the bid at $10. The bidders raised their hands to place their bid, sometimes getting into bidding wars which was the case for the bidders who wanted Mohini A. who was the first person this year to be auctioned off.

The prize for buying your senior is that you get to dress them as anything you want for the senior parade. Once dressed the seniors walk to every center showing off how they are dressed. The parade will be held on May 13.