Students are talking: Modern Street and Urban Dances


(Click each of the thumbnails above to see real animation of the dance)

Khoi N., 11
“Those dances seem pointless, but they’re fun. I do admit they’re stupid, but sometimes I enjoy doing them.”

Yash S., 10
“They give the world meaning and make the world different. It’s boring as heck without people and dances like these. They add spice to life.”

Vince A., 10
“The whole thing is pretty stupid. Their music gets on the radio for no reason even though they don’t deserve all the attention. There’s a lot of other more meaningful music and artists worth listening to.”

Ei-Leen W., 9
“The songs are really stupid. They’re not meaningful at all. They’re talking about how to dance in the lyrics. But, the dances are amusing.”

Kevin P., 12
“I think they’re genius. They give us a dance that basically everyone can dance to. It’s catchy music and crazy moves, so I’m a big fan of them.”

Oluwaseun A., 11
“They’re good for parties and stuff, like if you’re having fun or you want to celebrate something with others.”

Carlos C., 11
“I think that the ‘ghetto’ dances people are doing nowadays are very intriguing in some ways. But, they can be a problem when people overdo them and get out of control.”

Sarah W., 9
“I enjoy them sometimes. They’re fun and they get you moving so it’s a dance but a good exercise, too.”

Jesse A., 10
“They’re pretty fun to watch and I enjoy actually performing them. They seem to be improving overtime, since ‘Crank Dat’ by Soulja Boy came out.”

Frances O., 12
“Everybody does them when the music comes on. They’re like the modern version of the Electric Slide. Overall, I think they’re creative. I do the dougie every single second. I am the dougie.”

Jordan H., 10
“I don’t really care about them. I don’t do them. And I don’t care if anyone else wants to do them.”

Antoine N., 11
“I don’t do those types of dances. People just do dances like that because some person invented it and it’s supposed to be all cool. But, I don’t think it’s anything I would want to do anytime.”

Beverly U., 10
“The creators must have been very bored. The dances are really dumb and make no sense at all.”

Dimitri K., 10
“I think they’re fun because they’re pretty easy to do and a lot of people are into it. When girls see you doing these dances, they’re like ‘He cute! Look at him dance!’”