Sidebar: Bilingualism in the Workplace

Specific Fields

District/Government workers
Customer Service
Hospitality managers
Travel Agents

Being bilingual is a skill that is helpful in almost every field, especially fields where one is required to interact with others.

“Anywhere you’re dealing with the public,” Future Business Leaders of America helper Michaele Halket said.

Bilingualism is especially important for jobs in diplomacy, business, hospitality, tourism, and travel. It enables one to communicate with a greater range of people. It doesn’t matter what rank the job is, bilingualism will be needed whether it’s as simple as helping people with groceries to talking to people who speak a different language in a business conference.

An added incentive to be bilingual is that it tends to earn higher pay.

“If you don’t speak another language you get the base pay for the job,” Halket said. “If you speak more than one language, you’re better paid.”