Desi Club Starts Officer Application


Post made by @kerrdesiclub on instagram.

Desi Club, as the senior officers approach graduation, is actively seeking new leaders to fill the important roles of historian and treasurer within the organization. On May 7th, the club took to Instagram to announce the opening of officer applications, inviting interested members to apply. The application period will conclude on Monday, May 15th, followed by interviews held on the following Tuesday and Wednesday. The applicants must have been active members of the Desi Club for at least one school year to be eligible for these positions.

The announcement of the new officers will take place during the Desi Club banquet, where members come together to celebrate and honor the achievements of the outgoing senior officers. This momentous occasion will not only mark a significant transition for Desi Club but also serve as a platform to welcome and introduce the new officers who will shape the club’s future. Desi Club encourages passionate and committed members who meet the requirements to apply for these influential positions. As the application deadline approaches, aspiring historians and treasurers are urged to seize this opportunity to contribute to the club’s growth, foster a sense of community, and preserve the rich cultural heritage Desi Club represents.