Kerr Desi Club Sells Out Fried Oreos.


Desi Club members and officers work together to sell fried Oreos despite the power outage. “I was the one frying the Oreos and, when the power went out, we were all stressed but still ended up selling a lot,” Tanisha Patel, a Desi Club member, said.

Written by Meerab Arif, Designer

The combined efforts of the Class of 2025 and Desi Club resulted in success during the fried Oreos food frenzy on Friday, April 28th. Despite an unexpected power outage that affected the deep fryer, which needed electricity to work, the organizers found a way to handle the situation and serve their excited customers. Even though they had a limited number of prepared fried Oreos, they quickly adjusted their plan and cleverly distributed the available treats, creating a sense of excitement and urgency among the eager students. The event’s triumph demonstrated the organizers’ determination, teamwork, and ability to overcome challenges, leaving a strong impression on the school community.