Kerr Desi Club Sells Fried Oreos


Post made by both @Kerrdesiclub and @Kerrclassof2025 on instagram on April 21st. Pre-orders will be ending on the 27th. “I think a lot more people will buy on the day of,” Iqra Naveed, officer for both Class of 2025 and Desi Club, said.

Kerr Desi Club and the Class of 2025 have teamed up to sell mouth-watering fried Oreos on Friday, April 28. These treats will be available during both lunch periods, and students can also pre-order them for pick-up at the bus canopy. The fried Oreos will be sold in various deals: 3 Oreos for $5, 5 for $8, and 2 for $4, with options for toppings including powdered sugar or chocolate syrup. To pre-order, visit their Instagram bios, @kerrdesiclub and @kerrclass0f2025. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to satisfy your cravings and support your fellow students. Head to the bus canopy during lunch periods and get your hands on these mouth-watering treats!