10 Questions With Olu Ogundimu-Oloto


Olu Ogundimu-Oloto working on her assignments under the stairs during A lunch.

Olu Ogundimu-Oloto is a sophomore.

Question: How is your sophomore year going so far?

Answer: It’s going okay, but I wish I did better.

Q: What’s something you want to learn or be better at?

A: I want to be better at not procrastinating.

Q: Who’s your favorite artist? What’s your favorite song by that artist?

A: My favorite artist is Tyler the Creator, and my favorite song by him is ‘Are we still friends’.

Q: What TV show are you currently watching or recently finished?

A: I’m currently watching ‘The Good Bad Mother’.

Q: What are your hobbies?

A: I like to sing and sleep.

Q: What is your favorite sport?

A: My favorite sport is tennis.

Q: What’s your biggest fear? 

A: My biggest fear is being alone because I don’t want to be lonely.

Q: What country do you want to visit the most? 

A: I want to visit London, England, because I have a lot of family there.

Q: What is your favorite fruit? 

A: My favorite fruit is grapes because they’re sweet and soft.

Q:  Do you believe in second chances? 

A: I think it depends on the situation.

Q: What’s one thing you’ll never do again?

A: One thing I’ll never do again is talk to my ex.