Kerr Speech and Debate UIL Results


The Kerr Speech and Debate showing off their winning after the competition.

The Kerr Speech and Debate team competed at Elsik High School on  March 25. The team competed in CX, Lincoln Douglas Debate, Exempt, and Current Events at the event. The team placed second in Current Events, first and fourth in Informative Exempt, third and fifth in Persuasive Extemp, fourth and sixth in CX, and fourth in LD. Individual winners include the following: CX: Semifinalists Erica Caranza and Leah Ghebrelul, 6th place Gabrielle Brown and Ai Tran, Current Events: Shalom Akinkunmi, Gabrielle Brown, Leah Ghebrelul, and Rebecca Oyeniyi finished second.  Nyla Whiteside won first place in Informative Speaking with  Rebecca Oyeniyi coming in fourth place and Gabrielle Brown came in fifth place,   Erica Caranza took third place in Persuasive Speaking along with Shalom Akinkunmi was in 5th place and  Leah Ghebrelul came in sixth place, and lastly,  Abigail Nguyen is a semi-finalist in the Lincoln-Douglas debate.