10 Questions with Kevin Huynh


Written by Linh Nguyen

March 29, 2023

Kevin Huynh is a junior at Kerr High School.

Question 1: What are you most excited about this summer?

Answer: The thing that I am most excited about this summer is hopefully getting my car and a summer intern at a bank.

Question 2: Do you travel often? 

Answer: I do not travel a lot out of state, but in-state I go everywhere. 

Question 3: What was/is your favorite place to travel to?  

Answer: My favorite place to travel to is Louisiana. 

Question 4: What are you looking forward to in the next school year? 

Answer: I’m looking forward to being able to drive myself. 

Question 5: What are you dreading the most about the next school year? 

Answer: I’m dreading having to do college apps. 

Question 6: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? 

Answer: I would like to live in Singapore. 

Question 7: What’s your favorite season of the year?

Answer: My favorite is winter.

Question 8: Do you have any siblings?

Answer: I have 4 siblings. 

Question 9: Do you prefer sweet or salty foods?

Answer: I prefer savory foods. 

Question 10: Who is your favorite artist?

Answer: Daniel Caesar is my favorite artist.