FBLA Sweeps at States


“I was overwhelmed with how broad the questions were and I wasn’t sure if I was going to place,” FBLA member Luis Renteria, who had competed in the state leadership conference last week, said. The conference entailed presentations and testing events against other state qualified schools. Despite the harsh competition, 18 out of 49 members placed and will attend the national conference this summer. Celebrating his success, Renteria said, “The other people in FBLA made the trip very enjoyable and gave me confidence once the awards ceremony came around. Luckily I was able to place and got second in my category so I felt pretty good about that.”

This last week, 49 FBLA members went to compete in the State Leadership Conference in Galveston, Texas. With the competition spanning three days, from Wednesday, March 22, to March 24, members got the chance to test and present the events that they’ve been working hard to prepare for the past two months. They were also able to attend business workshops and then relax at the beach. This week, FBLA members are celebrating their wins as 18 out of the 49 will be moving on to nationals.